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Run Transfer

Under each specific Transfer to have a few options when working with a Transfer


  • You can view the status of the specific Transfer by clicking on "runs" icon. It will bring you to the Runs Tab where you will have the log for the specific Transfer chosen.
  • You will notice in the Filtering/Search Menu the total log has been filtered on the Transfer Name and the current Date/Time. In the Runs List for the Transfer, you can view more details on the Transfer by expanding each Log(Run) Entry. Also, there will be a notification icon to the right showing the status (ok, error, processing, stopped).


  • Clicking on the log icon will bring you to the log of the specific transfer.
  • Here you will be able to see the log - in the filtering menu it has filtered on the name of the transfer and the date/time.
  • You will be able to drill down further into the details of each log entry and also be able to search for specific events or errors.
  • In each log entry, you will be able to go back to the transfer by clicking the "go to transfer" icon to the right.


  • Clicking on edit will bring the first 4 sections (General, Source Control, Table Link & Field List) in edit mode.
  • You can also bring each section in edit mode by clicking the "pencil" icon.


  • You can delete a transfer by clicking on the "delete" icon.
  • Note: You cannot delete a transfer that is enabled. You need to edit the transfer and remove the enable flag before you can delete it. This is a security measure that should prevent you from deleting an active transfer.

Browse Table Layout

  • Here you can browse the layout of all tables and fields in any of your connections (provided that you have done a Read Design on the connection first). When you click the button, a window opens up, and by default, it will show the current Source Connection and Source Table on this transfer. You can then browse or search the fields, copy the fieldname or switch to another table or another connection.
  • When hovering over the fieldname a question mark (?) appears, click on the fieldname and it will 'copy to clipboard' for you to copy and paste it in easily. 


  • You can copy a transfer by filling in a new name in the field to the left of the copy button and clicking "copy". A new transfer will be created with the new name and opened up in edit mode.

Run Transfer

  • Clicking the "Run Transfer" icon you can run a Transfer manually. The output from the transfer will show up underneath, which shows you what happens during the run of this transfer.


  • If you have any Tags you would like to use when running this transfer, you can select the Tag group from the dropdown menu here. Learn more about Tags 

Activate Changes

  • If you have changed anything on the transfer, then you should click the "Activate Changes" button before running a transfer. The "Activate Changes" will load all the changes made to any transfers into the active area.