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  • By using Tags, you can specify variables and then before running a transfer define the Tags.
  • Tags can be used everywhere on "Transfers" and on "Connections".
  • A Tag is specified by setting two percent signs in the beginning of the Tag and a single percent sign at the end of the Tag - like: %%DEST% or %%SALESPERSON%

Tag Groups:

Tag Groups are used to group together a number of Tags that are used on Transfers. Tags can be used on Transfers as placeholders. 

Under the Tab "Groups" you can create a new Tag Group. You would typically just have one Tag Group defined.

  • Code: Specify a unique ID.
  • Description: Fill in a descriptive text.


  • Tags are used on Transfers as a kind of variable or parameter so that the Transfer can be used for different purposes. For example, to transfer data to several different destinations (Connections).
  • The first Tag in a group is always considered the primary Tag. This should normally correspond to a Connection.
  • The Tags are set to specific values at runtime (in Run Transfer or on the Schedules).
  • You would typically define just a few Tags, for example, one for the Connection (to use in the Destination field on a Transfer), one for a filter value (to use in a filter to delimit the data that are transferred to that Connection) and maybe a description Tag (to be used as part of the Description field).
  • Under the tab "Tags" you can choose an already created Tag or create a new one.
    • Code:  Specify a unique ID.
    • Connection Prefix:  Specify a Connection prefix - like "NAV" - that is the Connection that you want Tags to be generated for. For example, if you have 10 Navision Connections, you would use NAV. This should be set on the first Tag only.
    • Description:  Fill in a descriptive text.

Tag Values:

  • Tag Values are used to store the corresponding sets of tags and tag values that will be used at runtime. When running a Transfer manually (which has tags defined), you need to select a set of tags to run it with. Also when you generate or create Schedules, you can select the Tag Values to be added to the Schedules.
  • Under the tab "Tags Value" you can select a "Tag Group" and create new Tags values.
    • Tag: Specify the value for the Tag.
    • Description:  Fill in a descriptive text.
    • By choosing "generate tag values" the Tag Values will be created from the Connection (one set for each of the Connection that starts with the Connection Prefix used under Tags).