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How to upgrade the RapidiConnector to the latest version

  • The RapidiConnector sometimes needs to be upgraded to a newer version in order to fix a bug or to include support for new features.
  • In general you should only upgrade the RapidiConnector when advised to do so by our support team.
  • Normally our support team can remotely upgrade your RapidiConnector, so please ask our support to do this if needed.
    If you are running an old version of the RapidiConnector (before version 3.2.87l) or if your RapidiConnector is not running as a Windows Service, you need to upgrade it manually (see below).
  • Please follow this procedure to upgrade the RapidiConnector manually.
    1. Identify the RapidiConnector windows service and stop the service
    2. Copy the new Rapidi.exe (and if included also Rapidi.MSG and Rapidi.ERR) into the RapidiConnector program directory thereby overwriting the existing files
    3. Start the RapidiConnector windows service
    4. Repeat step 1 through 3 for each RapidiConnector service you have running
  • You can download the latest officially released RapidiConnector from the Rapidi Service Configuration.
  • Log in to MyRapidi and select your service, then select Connections and then select a Connection that uses the RapidiConnector (for example MS Dynamics NAV). On this page, you can click the + to unfold the RapidiConnector installation window and there you can download the latest version of the RapidiConnector. 

Do you need to set up or uninstall the RapidiConnector?
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