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HowTo Trigger that a Transfer is run immediately


  • In order to be able to trigger that some data are transferred immediately, we provide a Web Service on Rapidi that you can call from within another system, and that triggers that a transfer or a group of transfers runs immediately.
  • On a normal Rapidi service, different transfers between the same data sources, cannot run in parallel. And usually, you should avoid running transfers manually when the scheduler is running.
  • In order not to create conflicts and more error messages by trying to run a transfer manually, our approach for triggered transfers involves running the transfer via the scheduler.
  • The Web Service that we provide, will set the Next Date/Time on a specific Schedule to the Current Date/Time. If the Scheduler is not busy doing something else, this will trigger the schedule to run immediately.
  • If the Scheduler is busy with another job, the transfer will run as soon as possible. For this to work as expected, it is important that you don't schedule large jobs to run during normal business hours (where you want the triggered transfers to run).
  • There are two different Web Services defined that you can use. One for use with's outbound notifications and one that is a more generic Web Service.