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Failing Schedules

Account Administrators have access to this feature.

The Failing Schedules you will find under 'Service List' > 'Failing Schedules' where you will find a list of failing Schedules.


The failing Schedules page should give you a quick overview of the failing Schedules and the possibility to get quick access to the relevant areas in order to take action on the issue.


The list is grouped after how many days the Schedules have been failing.

  • You can view the Schedules that did not run through within
    • the last month,
    • last week, and
    • last day.
  • Lastly, you can view the Schedules that did run the last day but are not running now at this current moment. 

When expanding you will have the list of failing Schedules with

  • Service Name with links to the configuration
  • Name of failing Schedule with link to this Schedule
  • Last date and time when the Schedule runs through successfully
  • Link to the runs of this Schedule