Here you have a list of all users on your Account. Each user is listed with username, name and email. Furthermore, you can see if he has 2FA disabled or enabled, the user's rights (administrator, consultant role). You can delete the user, reset the password of the user, add/remove admin rights, disable 2FA for a user, add/remove consultant role. When adding or removing admin rights, the icon will switch to respectively the minus (-) or the plus (+) icon.

Administrator rights:

Assigning administrator rights to a user means that this will allow the user to create, manage and delete other users on the account.


Consultant role:

If you would like another user outside of your account to have access to your service, you can ask the Rapidi Team to assign the consultant role to a user. Assigning the consultant role to a user means that an administrator of an account can give this user access to the service (Account Settings > 'Service Access').


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