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Welcome to MyRapidi (RapidiOnline)(Rapidi) Wiki


Here you can find help on using RapidiOnlineRapidi ( MyRapidi as we call the app or the configuration interface > - and how to configure the service.


How to use this wiki?

Under the 'Getting Started' menu item you will find information on how you would normally start your setup and configuration of your integration service. Under 'Documentation' every single area from the MyRapidi App is described and documented.

Under 'HowTo' as the name indicated a various How-to scenarios described and explained in more details.detail.

Under 'Standard Integrations' you will find how to setup up the different standard integrations.



Are you looking for something very specific or in general you can always use the search function that you will find inat the top onof every page.


Please help us makingmake our wiki better - give us feedback

We are continuing to work on completing and making this wiki better. You are more than welcome to suggest changes or areas that we should cover better. If you would like to help us, please create a support case or contact us directly with any suggestions. You can also use the Feedback button on the bottom-right hand on this page.


Not finding what you are looking for? Please send us a message with your question or issue and we will happy to help you.



TheYour MyRapidiRapidi Team



  1. Getting Started
  2. Documentation
  3. HowTo
  4. Standard Integrations


Service News can now be found on our Product Updates Blog 


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