e-conomic and reviso



Support for e-conomic and reviso OnDemand ERP systems. See www.e-conomic.com


The following versions of e-conomic are supported

  • All versions. We generally support read/write to all objects in e-conomic that are supported by the e-conomic SOAP API, but some restrictions may apply due to limited support in the API.


Additional installation

You need to enable API support in e-conomic. Please login to e-conomic and see Settings - Subscription - Add-on modules. The API module in e-conomic is free of charge.

If you want to use token-based security to access e-conomic, then use the following link to generate a token for use with Rapidi and your e-conomic subscription:




The fields of the e-conomic Connection are as follows:

  • Description: Fill in a descriptive text.
  • Server Connect: For connections to e-conomic.com leave this field empty. For connections to reviso, fill in soap.reviso.com.
  • Token: If you use token based connection to e-conomic, then enter the token here (see above). When using token-based security, then you can leave the next three fields empty.
  • Agreement Number: Here you specify the agreement number of your e-conomic subscription (the same that you enter when you log in to e-conomic).
  • User Id: The User Name that you use when logging in to e-conomic.
  • Password: The Password that you use when logging in to e-conomic.


Copy, Test, Activate Changes, and Read Design

You can copy a Connection expanding a Connection in question and then click the 'Copy' button.

  • You can Test that the access to a Connection works using the Test button on the Connection.
  • Login to MyRapidi. Click the

  • You can activate your changes made to a Connection works using the 'Activate Changes' button on the Connection.
  • It will mostly be relevant for

  • Read Design is the way to read the layout - the information about tables and fields - from a Connection. Reading the design is



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