Upgrading from Replicator 4.30


If you are upgrading from Replictor 4.30 to Rapidi, please follow the below tips and recommendations in order to get a good replication solution.


The old Replicator 4.30 product was a good and performant way of moving data between two or more MS Dynamics NAV systems. However the Replicator was written specifically for the NAV C/Front API and does not support any other ways of communicating with NAV. The last version of NAV to use C/Front is NAV 2009, so to move to newer NAV versions, you also need to switch to a different Replication solution.


Rapidi offers several ways to communicate with NAV and supports all NAV versions (all old and future versions):

  • We still support NAV C/Front (so you can use Rapidi to upgrade from your old NAV to D365 NAV/BC or to run the two systems in parallel for some time).
  • we have NAVSQL (a SQL-based connector that knows about NAV specific types and structures - fast, but no business logic executed)
  • we have NAVWS (support for NAV SOAP WebServices based on Page's published as WebService - business logic executed)
  • we have NAVOData (support for NAV OData WebServices based on Page's - business logic executed)  

All the above supports locally installed NAV systems and NAVOData additionally supports Microsoft hosted (online) NAV Business Central systems, so no matter which NAV deployment you are looking at, we can support it.

You can use any of the above connectors or any combination of the above connectors and we gaurantee that your data can be transferred between your systems. We also support transferring data between different version of NAV, so we got you covered also during the upgrade period (all systems does not have to be upgraded at the same time).


Rapidi (Replicator 7) and the old Replicator 4.30 are quite different systems - alone the support for many more systems and connectors (even just for different NAV systems) - has made it very hard to support the same kind of configuration as we had in the Replicator 4.30.

In Rapidi we also have many more features and to make a good future proof Replication solution, we recommend to re-think your Replication solution and implement it "new" in Rapidi.






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