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  • We have a number of standard integrations on RapidiOnline.
  • These standard integrations are for specific combinations of the systems that we support where we have seen a speciallyespecially high demand.
  • When we create a service on RapidiOnline, we can create it either as a Generic integration or as one of these Standard Integration's.
  • If it is created as a standard integration, it will come predefined with a number of Transfers that we found that most customers have a need for, and that can easily be adapted to special needs. These predefined Transfers also serve as good starting points and good examples when defining new transfers.

Below you can find more information and tips regarding these Standard Integrations.

  1. [[Salesforce.com - MS Dynamics NAV]]
  2. [[Salesforce.com - MS Dynamics AX]]
  3. [[Salesforce.com - MS Dynamics GP (Great Plains)]]
  4. [[Salesforce.com - MS Dynamics C5]]
  5. [[MS Dynamics CRM - MS Dynamics NAV]]
  6. [[Salesforce.com - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central]]


Please ask our support if you have a combination of systems that is not included above - we might have some experience with your systems as well.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Documentation
  3. HowTo
  4. Standard Integrations


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