• When data is transferred between two tables, Rapidi works through the records in the order they are returned from the source database server.
  • After reading a record from the source table, Rapidi will normally (depending on the functionality selected) make a lookup in the destination table using the Table Link specified.
  • In some cases, you can optimize performance by selecting a specific sorting. This is specifically true if you are using MS Dynamics NAV with a native database - here the sorting will be used to select a key and selecting a key that contains the fields used in the Table Link or in Delimitation is very important for MS Dynamics NAV native database.
  • If running on a SQL-based system, the sorting will translate into an "Order By" in the select statement.
  • When using the Source Control feature, Rapidi automatically sets the sorting to the field used as Source Control and you should not specify Sorting Source Table in this case.


Here you specify the field(s), you want your data to be sorted by. If you need data sorted by more than one field, enter these on separate lines.


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