• Rapidi offers a standard solution for Integrating Salesforce.com and MS Dynamics C5.
  • The standard solution consists of a predefined setup of a number of Transfers in your Rapidi service.
  • In addition to this, you can chose to install a Salesforce.com application called SalesHistory3 that contains Salesforce.com objects to hold Posted Invoices and Customer Ledger Entries (visible on the Salesforce.com Account object).
  • In general, the standard solution has been designed to cause a minimal change in your MS Dynamics C5.


Below is a link to install the SalesHistory3 Application:



The following link is for sandbox installation:



Changes needed to accommodate the standard transfer setup for a solid C5-SDFC integration.

  • Add extra field to following objects in SDFC:
SFDC Object Fieldname Data Type Length External ID Remarks
Account C5ID__c Text 15 Yes field to contain RECID from MS Dynamics C5
Account New_Account_Number__c Autonumber - - Autonumber field to contain a Number to be used as Customer No. in C5
  • New Objects in SDFC: Refer to the link above to install Rapidi's SalesHistory3 objects in Salesforce.com to transfer posted invoices and customer ledger entries to Salesforce.com
  • We also have an add-on to the SalesHistory3 app in Salesforce.com to contain a copy of all Sales Orders from MS Dynamics C5. Below is a link to install that Application (it currently requires a password, so please ask us to help you install it - also please note, that default transfers have not been created for these objects):



and a link for Sandbox installation:



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