The Connection is used to connect and transfer data to/from CRM and based applications.


Additional Installation

  • You need to allow network access to your instance for Rapidi.
  • Login to your and go to Setup -> Security Controls -> Network Access
  • Add the following IP addresses through The addresses might show up as "GNAX Data Center, Atlanta, GA, United States" (RailsMachine is our hosting partner).
    NOTE: For the existing customers, you might now remove our old server range to



The fields of the Connection Card:

  • Description: Enter a text describing the Connection.
  • UserID (not used after version 4.1.01c): Here you specify the User ID for your admin login (usually in form of an email address).
  • Password (not used after version 4.1.01c): Here you specify the password to your login.
  • Sandbox: Check this field if you need to access a sandbox.

NOTE: The Use SSL field is not shown anymore. SSL/TLS is always used and should always be used (so no need to have a field to enable or disable it). 



Authorizing Rapidi to access your data

To allow Rapidi to access your data, you need to authorize the Rapidi Connected App in your instance.

This is done in the following way:

  • You log in to MyRapidi and go to the Connections tab and then unfold the connection that you want to authorize.
  • Then press the Authorize button; you will be prompted to log in to your instance (if you are not already logged in in another tab in the same browser). You should log in with the SFDC user that you want Rapidi to use for accessing your instance.
  • You are then prompted with a screen to authorize Rapidi to access your instance data; please Authorize Rapidi to access your data.

When you authorize Rapidi, a refresh_token will be sent to MyRapidi. This refresh_token can be used by your Rapidi service to access your data. The refresh_token is only stored in encrypted form in our database. You can at any time redraw the access for Rapidi from within your instance (go to Setup, then in the left-side menu: Administration Setup - Manage Apps - Connected Apps OAuth Usage).



Test and Read Design


  • You can Test that the access to a Connection works using the Test button on the Connection.
  • Login to MyRapidi. Click the


  • Read Design is the way to read the layout - the information about tables and fields - from a Connection. Reading the design is



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