Doing lookup against Rapidi to determine server address and port number




The RapidiConnector is a windows service that is installed locally near your database or system and that connects outbound up to your instance on the RapidiOnline service.



In this release of the RapidiConnector we changed the way that the RapidiConnector is configured. Previous the RapidiConnector was setup to a specific server IP address (normally and then the port that your service instance is using centrally. This gave us some limitations internally with respect to moving services between our servers and the number of port numbers that could be used.


With this release, we now setup the RapidiConnector with your service id instead of the server address and port number. The RapidiConnector then makes a web-service call to RapidiOnline to retrieve the current server address and port numbers to be used and then uses these to connect to your instance on the central servers.

This gives us the needed flexibility to move services to optimise performance on the central side.


The RapidiConnector is still setup with the username and password in addition to the service id.


And don't worry, we will usually always coordinate a move of a service with you, so that we can ensure that everything runs stable.


+upgrade notes

Here you can read more about HowTo Upgrade the RapidiConnector to the latest version




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