The Runtime Information register (RTI)



  • The Runtime Information register is a place where Rapidi keeps system and phase-related information.
  • Rapidi uses RTI as a sort of reference book.
  • When you, for example, apply the feature "Source Control" (transferring only changed data), Rapidionline will use RTI to store relevant Source Control information. Every time RapidiOnline needs the Source Control information, it will refer to the Runtime Information register.
  • When running a transfer with Source Control enabled, an entry in RTI will be stored (created or updated) for the unique combination of (1) Transfer Code, (2) Source, and (3) Destination.
    • Transfer: This shows the Code of the Transfer that RapidiOnline has stored information about.
    • Source: The Code of the Source will be shown here.
    • Destination: The Code of the Destination will be shown here.
    • Source Control: This shows the last used Source Control number.
  • If you want to run a Transfer (that has Source Control enabled) and have it Transfer some or all of the records that were already transferred, you can set back the value of the corresponding RTI entry here.



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