This API is authenticated using HTTP Basic Auth over HTTPS. Any requests over plain HTTP will fail with a HTTP 307 Temporary Redirect error message.
Use the following "token" request to login and obtain a token. This token is then used to authenticate in any subsekvent requests (insert the token in the Authorization header, after "Bearer" - see below under Requests). The token will expire after some time, then you need to issue another "token" request to obtain a new valid token.


A user's login (usually the email address) and password must be provided as auth credentials:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST 
-d "{\"auth\": {\"login\":\"mylogin\",\"password\":\"mypassword\"}}"

The output will be something like this:


All requests are associated with a specific user in MyRapidi and permissions are limited to that user's capabilities.


In the example you need to replace mylogin and mypassword with your MyRapidi login and password respectively.

The code examples are formatted on several lines to be more reader-friendly, they must be written in one line for them to work.


The result of this request is a token that you can use in subsequent requests to authenticate.


This request only supports normal JSON format - so you use the same format for both JSON and JSON API.


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