The Connection NetSuite is used to connect and transfer data to/from NetSuite.


Additional Installation

You need to enable API Access in NetSuite.



The fields of the NetSuite Connection Card are described as follows:

  • Description: Enter a text describing the Connection.
  • Account: Enter the NetSuite account id here. You can find this in the same place where you enable API access. It is usually a number with 6 digits.
  • UserID: Here you specify the UserID you created when you were registered at NetSuite
  • Password: Here you specify the Password to your NetSuite login.
  • Sandbox: Check this field if you are connecting to a NetSuite sandbox.
  • Application ID: In NetSuite, you can create an Application ID for each external application that needs access to the NetSuite API. Create an Application ID for Rapidi and enter the ID in this field.


Test and Read Design


  • You can Test that the access to a Connection works using the Test button on the Connection.
  • Login to MyRapidi. Click the


  • Read Design is the way to read the layout - the information about tables and fields - from a Connection. Reading the design is



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