• Rapidi offers a standard solution for Integrating MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 and MS Dynamics NAV.
  • The standard solution consists of a predefined setup of a number of Transfers in your RapidiOnline service. 
  • In general, the standard solution has been designed to cause a minimal change in your MS Dynamics NAV and your MS Dynamics CRM - we only need a few fields added to some tables/objects.


Changes needed to accommodate the standard transfer setup for a solid MS CRM-MS Dynamics NAV integration.

  1. Extra fields to ensure a solid integration: Add an extra field (Fieldname: ExternalID txt 30) to the following tables in MS Dynamics NAV:
    • Customer
    • Salesperson/Purchaser
    • Contacts
  2. Add an extra field to the following objects in MS Dynamics CRM (needed only if you want to create Customers in NAV)
MS Dynamics CRM Table Fieldname Data Type Remarks
Account msa_rapidi_new_account_number__c Autonumber Autonumber field to contain a Number to be used as Customer No. in NAV.)  Autonumber functionality can be found at crmextensions.com called "Counter"
Account msa_rapidi_transferred__c Date/time Date/time: field to contain a timestamp that can be used as filter to not transfer the same Account twice and as information of when this Account was transfered from CRM to NAV


Pricebook currency handling:

  • The Pricebook, currencyinfo etc is based on US Dollars by default. Edit the fieldlist in the following transfers if you want to change this to another currency:

Transfer ITEM01_ITEM

##DBLOOKUP('DESTDS','pricelevel','Name','US Pricelist','pricelevelid')

Example of change to Euro: ##DBLOOKUP('DESTDS','pricelevel','Name','Euro Pricelist','pricelevelid') 



##DBLOOKUP('DESTDS','transactioncurrency','currencyname','US Dollar','transactioncurrencyid')

Example of change to Euro: ##DBLOOKUP('DESTDS','transactioncurrency','currencyname','Euro','transactioncurrencyid') 

Transfer CONTACT01_CRM_ADD 'Default Price List' is used as default.

##DBLOOKUP('DESTDS','pricelevel','Name','Default Price List','transactioncurrencyid')

Example of change to another pricelist: ##DBLOOKUP('DESTDS','pricelevel','Name','Euro Pricelist','transactioncurrencyid')

NOTE: The pricelist name refers directly to the Price list name in MS Dynamics CRM.



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