• You can set a Filter on a field and hereby only have the records corresponding to the specified Filter value transferred.
  • How to set the Filters depends on the DataSource that the filter is used on (for Source Filters, the Source DataSource and for Destination Filters, the Detination DataSource).
  • In general you will select the field name to filter on in "Field" (the left side) and set either just the filter value or write an SQL like filter in the "Filter" (on the right side). What you write in the right side, depends on the DataSource.
  • There is also another way of filtering, where RapidiOnline is evaluating the filter (after the data has been read from the DataSource) and skips the records that does not match the filter. These filters are called CheckFilters.



Here you specify which field the Filter should be set on.



Here you specify the Filter value.


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