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  • The Field List is used to specify the mapping between the source table and the destination table.
  • The easiest way to specify a field, is to start writing the name or part of the name of the field. The automatic field lookup feature will try to find the field that you are looking for - it will show you a list of matching fields that you can choose from.
  • When editing the Field List there is one important thing to note: You can either select a field from the popup list or you can enter the field name or formula directly. The selected field will automatically be saved.
  • You can use [[Formulas]] in the left side (Source field) to manipulate data during the transfer. All formulas must start with two hashes - like ##
  • If you need to use the same field as source more than once, please specify it as a formula the second time - like ##"FIELD"
  • In the destination field, you cannot specify the same field twice. If a field should be set to different values depending on some condition, please use a formula to calculate the field.


There is a couple of links below the Field List that can help you get the Field List populated faster:


New Fieldlist mapping:
Click the 'New' button to create a new Fieldlist mapping


Delete Fieldlist:

Deletes the entire Fieldlist.


Build new Fieldlist:

All the fields common in source and destination will be mapped automatically in the "Source Field" column and the "Destination Field" column.


Build Fieldlist from Source:

  • All the fields in the source table will be listed automatically in the "Source Field" column.
  • If the destination table contains a field named identical to a field in the source table, it will be listed in the destination field.

Build Fieldlist from Destination:

  • All the fields in the destination table will be listed automatically in the "Destination Field" column.
  • If the source table contains a field named identical to a field in the destination table, it will be listed in the source field.


Browse Table Layout:

  • Here you can browse the layout of all tables and fields in any of your connectionsConnections (provided that you have done a Read Design on the connectionConnection first).
  • When you click the button, a window opens up, and default it will show the current Source Connection and Source Table on this transfer.
  • You can then browse or search the fields, copy the fieldname or switch to another table or another connection.Connection.
  • When hovering over the fieldname a question mark (?) appears, click on the fieldname and it will 'copy to clipboard' for you to copy and paste it in easily. NEW


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