• With "Conversions", you can convert the value of of a field during transfer.
  • This is good if you have a smaller set of values in the source database that needs to be converted to another set of values in the destination database.
  • For example you could have department codes "A", "B" and "C" in the source and in the destination these needs to be "EAST", "WEST" and "SOUTH".
  • Another way to achieve the same would be to use the formula CASE or CONVERT directly in the Field List.
  • If you have another table somewhere, that contains the mapping between the source values and the destination values, you could also use the formula DBLOOKUP in the Field List to lookup the corresponding destination value.
  • Conversions will always be done on the source table - data are converted when they are read from the source table.
  • Conversions are not done when the field is used in a formula in the Field List. In this situation, you should use the CASE formula instead. 



Here you specify the field that should be converted.


From Value:

Here you specify the from value (the value in the source table).


To Value:

Here you specify the corresponding "to value" (the value you would like in the destination table).


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