The goal of having the 'Activity History' is to be able to track the activity on your entire Account, to see who changed what and when.


Who has access

The full functionality is only available to customers on Enterprise or Unlimited edition. Customers on Basic and Standard edition will be able to see activity on Users and Service. It is available to you as an Administrator. Following our latest release it is now possible to have several administrators on your Account (aka several users can have access to the 'Activity History'). You can read more in this blog post on how to manage users and add administrators. 


What is logged

  • All login attempts both successful and failed logins are logged for all editions. 
  • Changes related to users including change of passwords, enable/disable 2FA, create and delete users are logged for all editions.
  • Changes related to the Services on your Account including upgrades and service access are logged for all editions.
  • Changes related to Transfers/Schedules/Groups/Connections/Tags/RTI/Link storage are limited to Enterprise and Unlimited editions.
  • Only changes to transfers with status 'ready' or 'live' will be logged.

Filter on date range, service, area, free text search

The most efficient way to work with the functionality is to use the filter menu at the top of the page (like on all the other pages inside the app - learn more about the filtering menu in general).

First of all, you can narrow your search down to a specific date and time range (which works exactly the same way as on the other pages inside the app). Per default, the date is set to start 1 month before the current date. 

Then you can filter on a specific Service if you have more than one Service. Please note: When filtering on 'Service' it will not show activity on Users as for example login issues.

Furthermore, you have the option to filter on Area representing the different tabs inside the app such as Transfers, Schedules, Groups, Connections etc.

Apart from that, you have the free text search option that allows you to search for e.g. Transfers, users, various commands etc. Finally, you can download a JSON file with the entire activity history (when not setting any filter) or with your filtered content.


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